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In 2012 Weston Snowboards chose the small Colorado mountain community of Minturn to serve as our home base and factory showroom. Our front door is within shouting distance of Vail’s legendary side country run, “The Minturn Mile”. Being in the mountains is not only good for our soul, it gives us a unique connection to the riders we serve. Every day provides our team a special opportunity to listen, respond and participate with a collective community of riders that love being outside. Our hope is to create products that enable people to experience nature in a way that changes them forever. Learn more...


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The Path of the Puma by Rafael Pease

October 27, 2015

The Path Of The Puma - Told by Weston Snowboards rider Rafael Pease, this story describes the day-by-day events Pease experienced during his 13-day adventure in Patagonia where he set out to find winter, to find himself and to summit several volcanos. _______________________________  - “Patagonia and volcanos are equally unpredictable, powerful, mysterious and breathtaking.” -Rafael Pease This story and this trip are the result of my need to explore both geographical features. Sadly the central area of Chile hasn’t seen a snowflake since who knows when. It’s dry everywhere at the base of the Les 3 Vallees to the Giants at 6,000 meters/20,000 feet, deep in the Andes. Fortunately, by the time I made it back to the central area,...

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